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Qingdao Grand International School

Qingdao Grand International School Principal David Ni with Saint Raphael Academy Principal Dan Richard.


Saint Raphael Academy began a partnership with Qingdao Grand International School in March 2018, and first enrolled 15 students in the 2019-2020 academic year.

Qingdao Grand International School and Saint Raphael Academy have established a 1+2 academic program that will benefit both schools, which will help excellent students enter the top universities. Both schools share similar missions, education objectives, and curriculum. Students who finish Grade 10 at Qingdao Grand International School can apply and then transfer to Saint Raphael Academy to continue their study. After graduating, students will be prepared for admittance into top universities.

Saint Raphael Academy is a co-educational Catholic high school located approximately one hour from Boston, Massachusetts, and three hours from New York City. The Academy offers 19 different sports and numerous extracurricular activities like chess club, drama club, archery club, Model Legislature and math team.

Qingdao Grand International School is a boarding school in the coastal city of Qingdao, China. The school promotes international education and follows the philosophy of "Oneness of Wisdom," which includes teaching students to honor their traditional culture with a global vision. Learn more about Qingdao Grand International School.

Grand International School Liaison

Erika Paiva

Miss Paiva is a proud 2000 graduate of Saint Raphael Academy. During her time at Saints, Miss Paiva earned her varsity letters in soccer, basketball, cross-country and softball. Although athletics are a passion, she was a well-rounded student, who was elected senior class president and enjoyed being a part of the drama club’s presentation of “The Wizard of Oz.”

After graduating, Miss Paiva went on to a successful academic and soccer career at Merrimack College. She majored in political science and minored in sociology during her four-year stay in North Andover, Massachusetts. Erika then took the leap, leaving the friends, family and East Coast she loved so much and spent equally rewarding years at California State University at Fullerton, where she went through a rigorous teacher-credential program and taught in the San Diego Unified School District for three years. It was here, a few miles from the Mexican border, that she developed a love and appreciation for the diverse nature of all learners and learning styles. She remained ever mindful of this upon her return to Saint Raphael Academy in 2016.

Miss Paiva's passion and enthusiasm for teaching and the Saints community is evident in her teaching, coaching and mentoring of students. She teaches history, health and Theology and is a moderator for SRA’s Student Government. She maintains the highest level of professionalism while being approachable. Her standards for academic, athletic and personal integrity are high but achievable, and she always has a smile on her face. We at the Academy are fortunate to have her presence on our campus.

Faculty and Staff


Linda Michalczyk

Saint Raphael Academy has a dedicated international student coordinator who is available to all students for assistance with home stays, academics, extra-curriculars and making the transition to America easier for students.


Mrs. Flint - Science

Mrs. Flint teaches AP Chemistry and AP Environmental Science.


Mrs. Gaffney-Hsu - English

Mrs. Gaffney-Hsu teaches English, and provides extra English tutoring for non-native English speakers. 

 Mr. Murray -- English and Social Studies

Mr. Murray teaches Honors English 10, Psychology and AP Psychology.



Shijie (Kate) Zhou '16

Kate, who is from Changsha, China, graduated from Saint Raphael Academy in 2016. She is now studying at University of California, Irvine.

Kate began her American high school experience in Florida, but decided the school was too big for her and wanted more teacher involvement in her academics. She transferred to Saint Raphael Academy in her junior year. She immediately felt welcomed.

“Saint Rays is a really good school. You feel like you’re in a family,” said Kate. “When I first got here, everyone was really welcoming. Teachers already knew my name, and they came to me and said hi.”



Jiaqi (Kevin) Liang '17

"I spent three amazing and unforgettable years at Saint Raphael Academy. I’m thankful for the teachers who treated me like family and gave me suggestions about academics and helped me throughout my experience in high school. SRA offered a wide range of courses such as APs and EEPs. Teachers dedicated themselves to helping students succeed, and this helped me prepare for the tough courses at College of the Holy Cross. SRA has many afterschool clubs and activities, which improved the quality of my after-school life. For example, in FBLA I learned a lot about teamwork, and on the tennis team I learned to never give up. These characteristics helped me successfully transfer from a high school student to a college student. I’m proud that I was a member of Saints community (now I am an alumn), and for me, SRA is not just a high school; it has now become a part of my identity." 


Zhengliang Lan '15

"When people talk about college preparatory, their first thought is: how is this school going help me with college academically? My time at Saint Raphael Academy was more than just studying; with all the activities and volunteering opportunities, this school developed me as person. As I continue my study at Purdue University, the personal skills I acquired at SRA have helped me develop my own network of friends and faculty on campus. I am grateful for the experience I had at Saint Rays."